Childrens home

CCY Childrens home

In April 2013, CCY established a nurturing children's home in the village of Bumilayinga to provide a safe haven for orphans. By October, we had welcomed 14 children into our care, thanks to the discerning efforts of the local village management . Recognizing the challenges in the community, including health issues and economic hardships, CCY has been committed to creating a supportive environment for these children.

Beyond child care, the home facilitates hospital transport, offers resources for undernourished children, and aids local entrepreneurship through loans and business start-up assistance. For the latest news and insights into our community work, follow CCY on Instagram and Facebook.

Over the years, as the local economy has shown signs of improvement and the government has increasingly acknowledged its role in child welfare, CCY has continued to work alongside state services to offer specialized care.

CCY work on developing individualized care plans for each child, ensuring that our support is as effective and nurturing as possible. We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of care and adapting our services to meet the changing needs of the children and our community.