CCY stands for Caring from Childhood to youth and primary work with orphan children and children in the need of support.

In Tanzania we work with individual acute help as well as towards a sustainable future. On the countryside in Tanzania are CCY running an orphanage and a primary school. The orphanage is committed to a care approach where family care is primary and support the children to closely stay in contact with families. CCY english speaking primary school was completed in 2013 and have a focus on creative thinking and problem solving.

In Sweden CCY is a non-profit organisation and responsible of communication and fond-raising. CCY in Tanzania is responsible of the operations in Tanzania.

CCY står för Caring from Childhood to Youth och jobbar i första hand med föräldralösa barn samt barn i behov av särskilt stöd

I Tanzania jobbar CCY med såväl akut hjälp som långsiktig och hållbar utveckling. I byn Bumilayinga drivs ett barnhem som är en storfamilj där alla hjälper till och bryr sig om varandra. Därifrån utgår även våra mer akuta samhällsinsatser som kommer ur ett nära samarbete med den lokala byledningen. I vår engelsktalande grundskola som öppnade 2015 är kreativt tänkande i stort fokus och vi har nolltolerans mot barnaga vilket vi tyvärr är ganska ensamma om. CCY i Sverige är en ideell förening och vårt jobb är att marknadsföra samt samla in medel till CCY i Tanzania som på plats driver verksamheterna.



Liberty school of Tanzania

During 2014 and 2015, Liberty School of Tanzania was built to give children in the area a chance for qualitative education. The vision is to make the school a developing example for the other schools in the area and to show that children learn more with their creative spirit and not through physical punishment and fear.  
Liberty school of Tanzania is built as a small school village of 7 buildings on a area of 6 hectare. For the moment we are about 60 students, 5 teachers and 5 workers in charge of cooking, management, gardening and guard watch. The lessons are mainly given in English and we focus on having a creative agenda where every individual shall be able to develop themselves and the society they live in.

In the spring of 2012, a lesson was held for the public school students. The theme was dreams, something rarely spoken about in a society where living day by day is a fact. A boy painted a drawing of a school. A place for education without violence, where students are allowed to think freely and not just being one in the crowd of 50-100 students. The idea of a new kind of school was born and two years later Liberty School of Tanzania was built. In June 2014 our kindergarten opened and at the end of each year a new class with 15 new students starts.

Every month we provide food for breakfasts and lunches, school material as well as paying the employees salaries. Thanks to our monthly school sponsors, Kenzan tours and Addtruly, this budget is manageable. Interested in being a school sponsor? You are very welcome! Read more about how to become a School Sponsor here.

In our school the students are educated in, for example, mathematics, the native language Swahili, farming, geography, biology, physical education and personal development. Unlike the governmental schools, physical punishment is strictly forbidden. We build our education on respect and mutual acceptance, not fear. Respect and tolerance for each other is included in all our lesson. The centre of the school area is the kitchen building, consisting of an aula where all the pupils are gathering during breakfast, lunch and special occasions like birthday celebrating.